Gross Rossen & Church of Peace DayTour


The Gross-Rosen Museum in Rogoznica
The biggest Nazi concentration camp in Lower Silesia, with particularly harsh conditions and penal work in the quarries. The motto of that place was Vermichtung durch Arbeit (Anihilation through work). Around 40 000 prisoners died here: Poles, Jews, Russians, French and Hungarian.

The Church of Peace in Jawor
One of the largest wattle and daub religious buildings in Europe, built in the old Silesia in the middle of the 17th century, in the middle of religious conflicts.
The Churches of Peace located in the towns of Jawor and Świdnica in the Silesia region of south-western Poland are the largest timber-framed Baroque ecclesiastical buildings in Europe. They were built in the mid-17th century to a scale and complexity unknown in European wooden architecture before or since, following the provisions of the Peace of Westphalia, which concluded the Thirty Years’ War in 1648. The terms of the peace treaty effectively eradicated the Evangelical Church in the Silesian hereditary principalities directly controlled by the Holy Roman Emperor, Ferdinand III. The Evangelicals, who constituted the majority of the population in these areas, were deprived of the religious freedom they had hitherto enjoyed and lost almost all of their churches. It was only courtesy of Swedish diplomatic intervention that permission was granted to build three churches.

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